Want To Fit Into A Bikini This Summer? Get Into It With My Bikini Butt


jen900My Bikini Butt is a weight loss and leg-toning program that says you can transform your body into the kind of tight, taut frame that designers think of when they make bikinis.

Andréa Albright designed the My Bikini Butt program after struggling with her own weight problems. She has the so-called “obesity gene” that predisposes her body to storing fat. To take control of her life she designed a weight loss program that allowed her to go from a size 12 to a size 2 and to finally fit into the slinkiest, sexiest bikinis.

My Bikini Butt is built around three key points: targeted exercises, timed eating, and good advice. The exercises only take fifteen minutes out of your day. Unlike other programs, it’s not about crash dieting or excessive cardio.

The good part about My Bikini Butt is that it works. It sincerely wants you to lose weight. The Unfortunately, if you are overweight, My Bikini Butt talks about your body as if it is a problem that needs to be solved.

There’s a picture that gets shown a lot in My Bikini Butt. It’s Andréa Albright, the author of the weight loss program herself. It’s a woman dancing, smiling, caught in a position that’s a little awkward, with her leg raised up showing a lot of thigh. She has the kind of body some people might call “thick.” That was Andréa before she started the weight loss regimen that she’s sharing with My Bikini Butt. This isn’t how Andréa looks now, she says, showing a slimmer, toner picture to prove it. The Ah, Andréa says that she looks happy in that picture when she was little bit chunky, but that really on the inside she was sick of herself, feeling like a trapped prisoner. Maybe that was the case, but it could have been a self-esteem issue as much it may have been a real problem with her body. She claims that her boyfriend broke up with her because her “butt and thighs” were turning him off.

There’s nothing wrong with having the perfect body for a bikini. More energy and confidence is something that every woman deserves. And the health benefits of losing weight are real. That’s the good that the program teaches. We just wish that it wasn’t based on making you feel bad about your body the way it is now. My Bikini Butt talks a lot about fat-shaming and that bothers us.

Despite that, there is a message of empowerment in My Bikini Butt. If you aren’t happy with yourself, you can change. That’s your choice. You need to know what is going to be the best for you. If you’re unhappy with your weight, you can change it. My Bikini Butt can help.

You’ve still got a few months before summer, but it will be here before you realize it. If you want to fit into a bikini this summer, you can do it. My Bikini Butt wants to help. Get your copy right here.