Turning On And Turning Off The Fat Loss Switch


switchTrying to find the right weight loss program is always a battle. Results always easier to see in the promotional details than in your waistline. Sometimes it seems like you don’t have any way to know who to believe and who not to believe.

That’s where Women’s Life Today comes in. Our review series of some of the most popular weight and fat loss programs is all about letting you know which programs you might want to give a try and which ones you should avoid. Today we’re checking out The Metabolic Switch Diet. It’s the new weight loss system that comes from Australian Sally Asher.

Too many women never lose weight on diets because they go about it in the completely wrong way, according to Metabolic Switch Diet. But you may be surprised to find out that the best way to manage your weight doesn’t include intense exercise routines, calorie counting, or restricting your diet to boring tasteless foods. It makes you wonder what kind of alternative this diet is going to suggest. Starving yourself? That’s definitely not an option. No, what Sally Asher says the key for women to lose fat is to learn how to manipulate your hormones.

Hormones can flip switches inside of our bodies, it’s true. They’re the reasons why you wind up putting on a lot of weight in the first place. Eating the wrong foods sends messages to the hormone producing parts of your body that then release fat-reinforcing hormones to big problem areas such as your thighs and belly. And to make matters worse, there isn’t just one switch to flip but a whole series of them: don’t off a few but miss just one and you won’t see any difference.

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It’s a lot to figure out on your own, and that’s why Sally Asher created The Metabolic Switch Diet. You don’t have to put in the research to figure out which hormones are fat-burners and which are fat-friendly.

The system comes with the huge, 115-page manual on turning on and off those metabolic switches, a full year of email support, the smoothie-making Quick Start guide, a manual that tells you all about metabolic shopping, helpful video demonstrations, and a free trial to The Metabolic Switch Diet’s “Inner Circle.” This last feature may be the biggest advantage of the program. This gives you access to the entire network of metabolic switch lifestyle social activities on the internet. That means Facebook, chats, weekly updates, expert interviews and a whole lot more.

They’re cagey about putting a number on how much weight you’ll lose. They say you’ll lose it, that’s a definite. The testimonial evidence is pretty favorable, and that’s about what you expect. But thinking about weight loss instead of fat loss can be misleading as well. Who cares if the numbers on the scale don’t add up if you feel good and look great, right?

Flip the switch on your own metabolism and try out The Metabolic Switch Diet.