Revealed: The Surprising Truth About Cellulite!


Cellulite SmallCellulite is the term that pop-culture has coined to describe that dimpled, cottage-cheese- like look on the butt, hips, and thighs of some women. It is wide-spread and common, and there are many myths about it.




Some MYTHS you may have heard may include:

  1. It’s genetic.
  2. You cannot get rid of it.
  3. It’s a skin issue.
  4. It’s a fat and weight loss issue.

These are all WRONG and you have to remember that. But Joey Atlas, Women Body Enhancement Specialist, has come up with a program entitled “The Truth About Cellulite”, to help you get rid of it.

If you have been trying all of those different creams and medi-spa treatments, you already know by now that those do not work. Why would the cellulite cream industry want them to work? They want returning customers! Also, those dimples that we refer to as “cellulite” occur because of muscle atrophy in the area, and a separation of the skin from the muscle, and where there is that disconnection, dimples form. Due to the fact that this is a muscle problem, no skin treatment is going to work!

Now before you run and hit the gym, now that you know the real reason for your cellulite, you should know that traditional exercise with weight lifting and machines is not effective for taking care of cellulite and might even make it worse. The two dimensional exercises do not strengthen the proper muscles. You need to do certain, simple exercises that work the 90 muscles that are in the bottom half of your body in a multi-dimensional way. And that is exactly what Joey Atlas wants to help you with. With his 2 degrees in Exercise Physiology and his experience with hundreds of women across 193 countries world-wide, Joey has designed a program, “The Truth About Cellulite” which can help you tighten up your lower half and see a reduction in your cellulite within 7-10 days! The following weeks after that, you will see constant improvement until 6 weeks later, when you’ll be drying off after your shower and you’ll notice that it’s all gone and you are beach ready! These multi-dimensional exercises are doable at any age, for any woman, of any size and shape, and you can do them right from your home!

To learn more, watch this video:

cellulite video