The Sexiest Way to Workout—Learn How to Pole Dance From Home


howtopoledanceIf you think pole dancing is only for the strip club, think again. Pole dancing has become one of the most popular ways for women to stay fit and get in shape all while learning a sexy dance style.

It’s a more intense work out than aerobics and the exercises it teaches you have guaranteed sex appeal. Except pole dancing classes come with the same commitments that come with an aerobics program at the gym: membership and classes are both expensive and finding the time in your schedule to show up at a class can be hard.

All that has changed with Amber Starr’s new Pole Dancing Course.

With the instructional videos and routines in Pole Dancing Course you can learn how to pole dance without the expensive and time consuming dance classes. With more than a hundred video lessons, and six hours of one-on-one dance coaching and pages and pages of information explaining all of the moves, there is no better way to learn how to pole dance without ever leaving your home.

Why learn at home instead of at a dance studio? Pole dancing classes at dance studios have high dropout rates and there are two big reasons for that. The first reason is that lots of students sign up for classes that they later realize they don’t have the time to go to. When women have schedules that are way too full, visiting a dance studio several times a week is usually the first thing that gets crossed off the to-do list. The other reason people flake out on dance class is that they can’t keep up with the high cost of dance studio memberships. It’s the same problem as an expensive gym membership. They love pole dancing, it’s just that they wish there was a way to learn it that didn’t cost so much.

Amber Starr’s Pole Dancing Course was designed with students like these specifically in mind. With this great home-based dance course you can learn all of the hottest pole dancing moves and never sign up at a gym, or have to deal with getting across town to a dance studio, assuming you could find a place close to you that offers pole dancing lessons.

Pole Dancing Course is made up of easy-to-follow instructional videos to mastering pole dancing, providing you with an amazing work out along the way. It works for beginners who don’t know anything about pole dancing, and dancers who already know some of the moves. Every dance move is shown from multiple angles so you can see exactly how to position your body on the pole and pull it off. Three instructors, each specializing in a different style, take you through everything that you need to know to turn yourself into a pole dancing prodigy.

Between pushing your body with your legs, using your arms to pull on the pole, and twisting your torso and hips, Pole Dancing Course is the complete body workout. Get your copy here.