How Bad Gut Bacteria Can Damage Your Weight Loss Efforts


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Women who tend to gain weight on the belly region often find it hardest to lose fat in the belly area.

Now there is a new way to find out what’s going on inside of your body’s gastrointestinal tract—and how to get it under your control so you can finally start to lose weight.

It’s called Flat Belly Forever.

This program has been developed by three leading experts known for pioneering weight loss research, writing best-selling books and creating diet programs with stunning results. Flat Belly Forever combines the knowledge and experience of John Barban, Kyle Leon and Brad Pilon – all three of whom have come together to target the biggest bulge enemy – belly fat.fbforever

The Flat Belly Forever system teaches a very new and different way of addressing stomach fat. It focuses on the inside of your body, which is home to countless numbers of living organisms. They’re bacteria, and they live inside your gut. You’re born with them, and they help you digest all of the food that you eat. Except, if you don’t eat the right food that helps the good gut bacteria flourish, the bad ones are going to negatively affect your overall health, as well as your weight loss efforts.

According to experts, healthy people with an excellent metabolism typically have a higher amount of “good” bacteria. On the other hand, individuals struggling with belly fat have a higher ratio of bad bacteria in their bodies.

If your gut bacteria are out of control, your weight is out of control. 

gutbacteriaIt’s simple: When the balance between the two types of bacteria is somewhere around 85% good to 15% bad, the body can function normally. However, if that proportion is off, if the number of pathogenic bacteria is larger than 15%, or even outnumbering the good bacteria, then your health is going to suffer. Your body will have no ability to regulate the hormones the bad bacteria promote. One of these hormones, cortisol, is well known for causing excessive weight gain, especially in women.

Your immune system, your metabolism, and your weight form a complete system. If there is a problem with any one of those things, the others are going to suffer. Flat Belly Forever teaches you how to make sure that bad bacteria don’t ruin the relationship between these important aspects of your health. Despite the name, Flat Belly Forever doesn’t just work towards flattening your stomach, the program will help you shed fat on every other body part as well.

It’s a weight loss system designed to reclaim your body from the bacteria.

Unlike other fad diets and weight loss programs, people following the strategies of Flat Belly Forever benefit from:

  • No junk food cravings
  • Vastly improved digestion
  • A remarkably faster, healthier fat burning metabolism without plateaus
  • High levels of energy, focus, vitality, and a better immune system

With Flat Belly Forever you learn how to promote the well-being of bacteria that are good for you. By learning which chemicals kill off bacteria, you’ll know which foods to avoid to keep the bad bacteria from taking over. It’s called microbolic rebalancing, and with it you can turn your body and your life into something you can be proud of again. Combined with targeted exercises for toning your belly, Flat Belly Forever flat out changes everything.

The tips offered in this system are very easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine so if you’ve been struggling with love handles for years, or need to lose more than 10 pounds within the next 12 weeks, this product is definitely for you.

Still not convinced? There is a full money back guarantee, so if you don’t notice any significant weight loss on your belly within 60 days of purchase, you can return the product for a complete refund!

It’s about you. It’s about being healthy. It’s about looking great. Click here and try Fat Belly Forever today.

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