Skinny Mirrors are Fooling Shoppers



Whether you realize it or not, a new company based in California is trying to convince retailers to use misleading optics to sell their wares.

Since 2013, The Skinny Mirror has been selling mirrors made from curved glass, which makes people look up to ten pounds thinner in their reflections, as the name suggests. These mirrors range in price from $165.00 – $5,500.00 for larger models with different frame materials. The company’s founder, Belinda Jasmine, contends that the mirrors make people feel better about themselves – which doesn’t come as a big shock. For retailers, that small difference in self-image can translate into more sales, she adds.

A recent study which followed 86 shoppers at a lingerie store in Sweden concluded that those who entered a fitting-room outfitted with a Skinny Mirror tended to buy more. Specifically, 86% of Skinny Mirror shoppers ended up making a purchase, as opposed to regular mirror users, who only made a purchase 76% of the time.


“It’s really subtle,” says Jasmine. “It just gives you that little bit of extra hourglass.” She adds that the mirror was originally intended for personal use. However, she wound up changing tactics and the design of the product after getting several orders from retail establishments.

While most orders come from small boutiques, Jasmine is currently in negotiations with an international apparel chain store. Aren’t these mirrors deceptive and therefore against the law?, you ask. Jasmine points out that the company’s logo is clearly and honestly displayed on each unit – despite retailers’ requests to have it removed.