Celebrity Cellulite: The Photos to Prove it!


Celebrities are real people. Not only do they deal with the stresses of everyday life, the most famous actresses, models and singers also have unsightly cellulite. Below are the photos, collected from around the Internet, to prove it!

However, if you run into one of these ladies on the beach this summer, you might wonder what happened to the cellulite you saw in the photos. That’s because most of these women have their cellulite removed or reduced. Fighting cellulite isn’t easy: it requires persistence, healthy choices and excellent products. While surgery is an option, most celebrity women prefer noninvasive methods: Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Madonna have all used cellulite cream, while Jennifer Lopez does special anti-cellulite exercises.

Just like these celebrities, you will be able to find the perfect balance of diet, exercise and beauty products that best eliminates your unattractive cellulite. Just remember – you can do it.

Celebrity cellulite evidence photos:

alessandra-ambrosio-cellulite1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Even sexy, Brazilian Victoria’s Secret models struggle with cellulite

2. Alicia Keys


3. Ashlee Simpson

The singer – and sister of Jessica Simpson – suffers from cellulite on her thighs.


4. Beyonce

This woman of many talents seems to have it all: the voice, the moves, the money, the fame, and even the cellulite on her legs.


blake-lively5. Blake Lively


britney-spears6. Britney Spears

Britney’s career and personal life have known some rough times, and she’s got the cellulite to prove it.

cameron-diaz7. Cameron Diaz


christina-aguilera8. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera struggled with extreme weight gain a few years ago. While she has slimmed back down significantly, she still has cellulite.

christina-milan9. Christina Milan


10. Courtney Cox


11. Donatella Versace

This diva of the fashion world is well known for her “way-too-skinny” look, but still has cellulite.


12. Eva Longoria


13. Felicity Huffman

hayden-panettiere14. Hayden Panettiere


jlo-fatty15. JLo


kate-moss16. Kate Moss


kim-kardashian-cellulite-1617. Kim Kardashian 


lady-gaga-is-star-with-cellulite18. Lady Gaga

The super-famous entertainer – known for her wacky outfits and weird behavior – is pretty normal when it comes to cellulite.


19. Scarlett Johansson

sharon-stone20. Sharon Stone

The Oscar-nominated actress known for being shockingly beautiful for her age (58 years old) still struggles with cellulite.


tom-cruise21. Tom Cruise

That’s right, even famous men in excellent physical shape have cellulite.