Celebrities Caught Without Makeup Prove That Makeup Is Just Another Way To Apply Beauty

1. Chelsea Handler ( Chelsea Lately)

It’s no secret that cosmetics and photoshop serve as celebrities’ best friends. They have the power to completely transform celebrities’ faces in the public eye making them look totally different, almost unrecognizable from their natural state. Some celebrities even go a step further and opt for plastic surgery just so that they remain stunning and as beautiful as ever for as long as possible. Here is a list of celebrities who at some point were captured by cameras without makeup. Here are the naturally beautiful and some who don’t exactly look like themselves in Hollywood.

She may be a beautiful woman but Chelsea’s handler’s no makeup picture might make you second guess yourself. She looks like a totally different person. Well, obviously she did want to step out all natural and probably knew she was going to be photographed but this is a good example of a picture that shows just how much a face full of makeup can be.

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