Arms That Are The Envy Of The Party


– Contributed by – Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writer for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines. Craig is also a Certified Trainer at Turbulence Training.

a893d78347a71193e46398a7cae7e333_FUSION-PILATES-003-940-470-cImagine yourself preparing for a night out on the town with your friends. Being a warm summer’s eve and all, you confidently put on the sleeveless top that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet for quite some time.

You head out and soon find yourself the object of a lot of attention and the flattering kind too, I might add

In fact, the number of people commenting how impressive you look initially surprises you. That is until you remember the sleeveless outfit you’re wearing beautifully shows off your sexy, sculpted arms, just one of the transformations your body has undergone since using your new exercise program.

Sounds pretty good, maybe even too good to be true, right?

Well it isn’t. In fact, it’s one of my favorite success stories and is the real life experience of one of my former clients Ally.

Ally came to me as an avid runner and cardio fanatic, and, as to be expected, she wasn’t getting the results she wanted. Worse, she was suffering from compounding aches and pains.

But after only a few short weeks on the Turbulence Training 2K3 program, Ally was no longer a fan of those boring and excessive cardio workouts. It did, however, take a bit of time getting used to…

That’s because Ally was so comfortable with the slow pace of her long cardio sessions, that suddenly switching to the high intensity TT 2K3 program took some getting used to. But once she got it down, did she ever run with it!

The strength building techniques used in the program made Ally a much better uphill runner (a great interval exercise for fat loss). And by the time Ally left me she was pressing 35 pound dumbbells!

Ally was lean, sexy, and had never felt better. She was a true success story. And you can be too!

With the 2K3 program you no longer have to suffer through those boring, time consuming cardio workouts just to get the results you want.

With just three 45-minute workouts a week, you’ll efficiently combine bodyweight and dumbbell exercises with advanced interval training workouts to burn fat and build a lean, sculpted physique.

But these workouts aren’t easy. 

They’re intense and brutally effective, giving you maximum results in minimum time. So if you want arms that are the envy of everyone along with a beautifully shaped physique to match, then look no further than the 3-day a week workout program, Turbulence Training 2K3.