Are Cardio Workouts Keeping You from Losing Weight?


Cardio isn’t fun. It’s repetitive and boring. For most women, the most exciting thing about their cardio exercise at is getting to listen to music or watch TV at the gym while they do it. It’s an unsatisfying way to lose weight—and what’s worse is that it doesn’t work.

So why do it? People who do cardio have the idea that if something is unfulfilling it must pay off in the end. They’re wrong. It’s the same kind of thinking that keeps women in bad jobs, or stuck in go-nowhere relationships. But according to a new fat loss exercise program Turbulence Training, there’s a lot more damage being done to your body by following that daily cardio than just wasting your time.

If you don’t think cardio workouts can damage your body, consider this. A cardio workout means a heart workout. It isn’t focusing on fat, or muscle building or any other aspect of your health but working your heart. So when you overdo cardio, you’re taxing your heart—the one muscle that you should never, ever put extra stress on. That’s why so many runners wind up having heart attacks. They just overwork a muscle and organ that is already being pushed to its limits.

The other dirty secret about cardio workout is that they release hormones into your body that are conducive to storing and building up fat. Cortisol, the stress hormone, gets released during your cardio workout because of the high levels of stress you put your body through. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for giving you that flabby belly and chunky thighs. Your cardio workout also suppressed the production of T3 hormone, which is supposed to break down fat. Combine those two things together and you can imagine why you never seem to get the results you’re looking for.

The truth is those step machines, treadmills, and stationary bikes are actually keeping your body from burning fat. Not only that, but the workout may actually make your body age faster than its supposed to. Instead of looking fit, you just look prematurely old. But don’t panic. There is still hope. The effects of a heavy cardio workout can be reversed. You can start losing weight the responsible way and turn back the clock so that you keep your young, lush skin. Within a few weeks you’ll feel and look younger than you have in years.

Turbulence Training can tone your body without cardio and without limiting your dieting options. Short bursts of activity burn fat and build muscle at exactly the same time. It’s the workout that everyone has always been looking for. And it’s easy. The excessive pain of long cardio routines are not a factor with Turbulence Training. It’s about getting your body into burning fat and building muscle without straining joints and bones and ligaments. You don’t get that kind of promise from using cardio.

It’s time for you to finally start using a workout program that will break down fat and not just keep you busy like a cardio workout does. It’s time for you to try Turbulence Training.