The New Revolutionary Women’s Only Diet And Fitness Program


Slim waist with a tape measure around itHow many women spend countless hours at the gym running themselves down in an attempt to achieve that oh so coveted hourglass figure? How many women eat plain salads, meal after meal, as they watch their friends and family enjoy delicious and interesting food?

All of this only to be disappointed as they once again look in the mirror to see that NOTHING has changed.

That’s because: Most  weight loss programs are generally designed for men, not women, who have completely different anatomies.

A new revolutionary program called Venus Factor sheds new light on the traditional diets that most women used to practice for so long. Most diets are not tailor-made for women and therefore so many women fail in their dieting attempts. The Venus Factor understands that simple truth and offers a new and revolutionary method based on these 5 main concepts:

    1. Exercises that are designed for men just won’t cut it for their female counterparts. A Woman’s body is not built the same as a man’s body, therefore you should not exercise like a man. The difference in the muscle mass, fat percentage, and bone structure  between men and women does  not allow a man-based workout to be effective and sufficient  for women. So finding the right (feminine)  fitness program for you is crucial.
    2. Most weight loss programs often fail to mention leptin, one of the key components to successful weight loss for women. Leptin is a hormone that regulates metabolism, appetite, and weight. Many women have leptin resistance, which means their bodies don’t react to leptin in a proper way and therefore they don’t get the signal to their brain that they’ve had enough to eat. This makes it very easy to consume way too many calories. Ironically, many weight loss efforts backfire, actually causing leptin resistance.
    3. A woman’s metabolism is also vital in order to perfect the diet element of weight loss. Each woman has a different metabolism that can be optimized for fast fat-burning with proper guidance. Certain methods and exercises can enhance the rate of metabolism – a high/fast metabolism is not exclusive to naturally-skinny women!
    4. The Venus Factor teaches women which common foods touted as “healthy” make losing weight almost impossible. Some foods that are traditionally assumed to be healthy can actually sabotage  your diet and prevent you from getting your desirable figure. You won’t believe which so-called “healthy” foods you are eating on a daily basis are in fact damaging your weight loss efforts.
    5. This all sounds tiring and confusing and frankly…hopeless. Ready to give up on weight loss? Don’t be! Most women give up their efforts on weight loss after a short period. These women are so used to trying out diets and exercise programs that are just not right for them, that they inevitably give up. Don’t let your ambition and will power deteriorate! The Venus Factor offers a way to prepare yourself mentally for the process and change you are going to experience. With the right supportive guidance, succeeding in your diet is so much easier and pleasant.

Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking… You heard it all before: The promises, the success stories and the so-called secrets. But hey, don’t take our word for it. There is a 60 day full money back guarantee on this, so you can try it out and if for any reason you are not happy with the results, you will get back every penny, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Tired of struggling tirelessly to make changes in your body, only to step on the scale and see the same number? What are you waiting for? Take the first step to getting your dream body, by clicking here!


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* P.S: It’s your body, so just go ahead and do the right thing for it!