6 Anti-Aging Foods That Taste Great and Make You Look Younger


greensSlowing down the aging process is as easy as adding the right foods to your diet. These anti-aging foods won’t make you 21 all over again—you won’t find any magic beans on this list—but they will make you feel better, look better, and give your body the nutrients and vitamins necessary to age a lot slower.

1. Leafy Greens

The easiest way to fight off the negative effects of a whole handful of foods you regularly eat is to up the amount of leafy greens in your diet. Yes, this can mean more salad, but it doesn’t have to. The chlorophyll that gives leaves their green color and fights toxins in your body is also available in supplement form.

2. Turmeric

This spice may taste a little exotic for some people, but it’s easy to add to lots of meat, veggie, or rice dishes. It will be worth it. Turmeric has been shown to help protect brain cells, fight off wrinkles and sluggish thinking and even fight off cancer.

3. Avocado

With all the essential nutrients in avocado, it’s no wonder that it gets tagged with that dietary buzzword “superfood” that gets tossed around a lot. The antioxidants in avocado stop your cells from being damaged by free radicals, rouge cells that break down important parts of your body.

4. Arctic Char

Think of arctic char as wild salmon’s classy first cousin. They both are full of omega-3 fatty acid—something that starts making you feel better in your brain and then spreads throughout the rest of your body. The mood boost that comes with eating omega-3s can actually make you start looking better. Plus it doesn’t hurt that omega-3s also help stop the formation of wrinkles. What makes char better than salmon is that it’s farmed in an environmentally conscious way. Salmon in the wild comes with added toxins that negate the fish’s health benefits.

5. Hijiki

This is seaweed, but in texture and prep it’s a lot like your average pasta. It’s benefits come mainly from its iodine content, which helps your body regulate hormones, detoxify, and pick up your metabolism. If you think that hijiki is too out of the ordinary for you to make at home, you can usuallly find hijiki on most sushi menus. All you have to do is switch out that greasy tempura appetizer you were going to order with some beneficial hijiki instead.

6. Red Wine

Okay, the last thing on this list may seem like a reward for adding all the other health-conscious foods on this list to your diet, but red wine actually has anti-aging benefits all of its own. Red wine is an antioxidant and it fights inflammation too. That means it stops your cells from breaking down, which means you look and feel younger. Just remember that the health benefits of drinking red wine disappear after that first glass, so try to know your limits.