5 Completely False Fitness Myths That Can Keep You From Looking Your Best


gymThere are so many flat out lies that people believe about fitness, nutrition, and going to the gym, it’s no wonder that so many Americans are out of shape. Don’t let any of these fitness myths keep you from reaching your fitness goals.

FALSE: To Keep from Getting Injured Stretch Before Every Workout

Stretching advocates will tell you that it loosens up your muscles before you start to use them, but the truth is that stretching before a workout actually puts you at more of a risk of injuring yourself. Stretching makes you muscles destabilize, which can be risky if you need those muscles to work correctly during your routine. It’s more important to get your heart rate up before you workout than to loosen up your muscles.

FALSE: All of the People at the Gym are Judging You

Sure, there are people who are going to notice you at the gym. And yes, there is a little bit of fun in people watching, especially when everybody is all hot, sweaty and wearing spandex. But, no one goes to the gym just to watch you. They’re there for the same thing you are: to get their bodies tight. And even when people do check you out, they may like what they see, or be noticing that you are improving since the last time you were at the gym.

FALSE: Lose Weight By Drinking Water

In some corners of the fitness and health world you’ll hear that drinking glass after glass of water flushes toxins out of your system, keeps your stomach full so you don’t feel like you have to eat, and that it can boost your energy levels. These, and a lot of other “benefits” you’ll hear about water, are total exaggerations. Water is a necessity, and your body needs it to survive, but you should only drink water when you’re thirsty, not to overload your system.

FALSE: Gyms Are Full of Fitness Nuts

You’d be surprised how many people this misconception keeps out of the gym. It couldn’t be further from the truth though because, while there are always hardcore fitness buffs in any gym, most gym-goers are trying to get into better shape, just like you. And it’s important to remember that everyone improves: you might join a gym in so-so shape, but after a month or two you may start to look like a pro yourself.

FALSE: Sports Bras Are Just to Keep Your Breasts In Place While You Workout

Sports bras do keep your breasts from bouncing around painfully—and embarrassingly—but they also do something else more important for your body. When you do workout routines like running or aerobics, ligaments in your breasts that keep them firm start to break down. That means sag. Wearing a sports bra helps prevent that and keep your body firm and in place.