15 Life Hacks for Every Woman



A woman will often find herself in a bind at the worst possible time: in a hotel room before an event or while you’re running out the door, late for work. Here are a couple of clever hacks that will fix your last minute minor emergencies.

1. A hair iron can be used for quick jobs or when you can’t find an iron.

2. Prevent runs in your stocking by spraying them with hair spray.

3. If your skin reacts badly to the metal of cheap jewelry, coat the pieces with clear nail polish.

4. Can’t find a plastic bag on vacation? Wrap shoes in a shower cap before packing them in a suitcase, keeping clothes clean.

5. Put a rubber band around nail polish bottle caps for easier opening.

6. Your jeans are getting sweaty and crusty but you’ve got no time to wash them? Throw them in the freezer for a few hours. Bacteria will freeze and die, improving the smell.

7. Your straightening iron can be used as a curling iron, with a simple rotation of the wrist.

8. Apply clear nail polish on the topside of buttons to prevent fraying and falling off.

9. Shave your fuzzy sweaters with a pumice stone or disposable razor, followed by a lint brush.

10. If you find yourself in a cave with no towels, dry your hair with a t-shirt – they’re super absorbent.

11. Sew a strap for your bra strap to prevent them from peeping out.

12. Fly-away hair can be calmed with a brush-up on a dryer sheet.

13. Easily add keys to your key ring with a staple remover.

14. Hair conditioner is a good replacement for shaving cream, when you run out.

15. Remove ugly, embarrassing sweat stain from clothes with a dryer sheet.