10 Ways to Love Your Body More


Lots of women struggle with weight their whole lives. Weight loss can also be a rollercoaster experience – sometimes skinny, sometimes heavy. These fluctuations also usually take our emotions for a spin and leave us feeling inadequate, unattractive and anything but confident. Weight gain and unsuccessful weight loss attempts can inspire guilt. However, these feelings are all misplaced. Women’s bodies might not be their main problem – the real problem could be a simple lack of self-acceptance.

Heavy or thin, brown or white, anything you hate about yourself will never be good enough. It is often easy for us to focus on a particular perceived “fault” in ourselves as a way of dealing with life’s stress, doubts and fear. We obsess on this one detail and blame it for all of our unhappiness. We fantasize that if only we could solve this one problem, life would be perfect.

While there’s nothing wrong with healthy weight loss, a more important life process is taking responsibility for your insecurities and reevaluating your self-love. If you feel unworthy, you will never love and accept yourself for what you are. Your first mission should be to cultivate a better image of yourself, instead of putting yourself through the grinder of self-humiliation every day and every time you have a disappointment in life.

Accepting yourself for who you are will bring about a change: self-affirmation, less obsessing over calories and mirrors, and a renewed interest in relationships and goals. This is your mission: to learn to respect your body and your innate worth and fall back in love with yourself.

If you feel like you could use a revamp of self-acceptance, here are 10 tips to help you along the way:

1. You alone decide

Do not stress and worry because of the opinion of another or many others. Whether you were hurt by a comment or simply stress over other people’s judgments, let go! The real issue is whether you are judging yourself and why. Everyone else’s opinions don’t matter too much.

2. No more blame

Let go of the silly notion that your body is the reason you do not have the things you want in life, whether they are related to career, love or family.

3. This is it

Realize that you are in the body you are meant to be in. Accept yourself and your special gifts. You have been given an amazing vehicle for this journey called life and it is perfect.

4. No more numbers

The number on a pair of pants or scale doesn’t matter. Happiness and wellbeing are emotions and states of mind – they cannot be quantified with numerals.

5. Mirror bully

Stop being your own worst critic in the mirror. You are much more beautiful than you can subjectively see – believe it.

6. What you CAN do

There might be things you cannot do. We all have limitations. Start celebrating the things you CAN do.

7. Emotions matter

It’s easy to get caught up in our culture’s biggest mistake, teaching people that the way you look is the most important thing in life. Do you think that Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King or Marie Curie were totally caught up in their appearances when they changed the world forever?

8. Trash talk

Do not make a habit of trashing your own body and confidence, even when others around you do. Celebrate your beauty, instead.

9. You matter

No matter how you look, or think you look, you are a precious individual. End the war with yourself and start fixing the inner issues.

10. Don’t delay

Stop waiting to reach your goal to enjoy your body. Your life is happening now. Do not keep putting things off until you “look better.” That day has already arrived.