The Truth About Yoga As An Exercise Practice

ADVERTISEMENT of yoga practitioners are constantly faced with their friends’ and acquaintances’ disbelief when it comes to the possibility that yoga can be a strength-building workout. The common misconception is that yoga is a practice of gentle stretches, chants, and meditation. People believe that yoga makes one nimble and supple but not strong.

In fact, yoga is a proven, ancient method to both build strength and flexibility as well as total mind & body health using movement in connection with breath, focus, and balance. A good teacher will sequence the poses of a class so that practitioners are pushed to the limits of their power before they transition to a pose that is soothing and stretching. A rounded approach to yoga will have each class include muscle toning and lengthening work.

So while yoga can certainly be used as an enhancement to other types of workouts, it can also stand on its own as a daily muscle building and sweat-inducing activity.