Smell Great and Look Stunning Wearing FLO Perfume Jewelry


neckl3From the makers of one of the best and most popular perfume accessories on the market, comes a revolution in perfume technology and design. FLO has done it again, with FLO Perfume Jewelry.

FLO Perfume jewelry lets you wear beautiful necklaces that slowly release bursts of the perfume of your choice. Using the patent pending Slow Release Capsule (or SRC) technology, you can keep yourself smelling of the perfume of your choice. The SRC is an automatic scent diffusion technology. It’s simply another revolution in perfume technology, and a beautiful one as well.

This unique combination of jewelry and fragrance is like being able to carry around an entire bottle of your favorite scent with you whenever and wherever you go. In a beautifully designed necklace, the locket of your choice contains three of the slow release capsules, giving off your favorite scent in timed bursts without anyone ever noticing. Pick from a number of designs: heart, cylinder, or for the edgier punk look, skulls. Plated with silver or gold, each locket is made with impeccable craftsmanship. FLO Perfume Jewelry lets you look and smell stunning at the same time.

FLO Perfume Jewelry is easy to use. The locket easily opens up, allowing you to spray the slow release capsule inside with your favorite perfume. Each time you spray the SRC, it will release that smell for up to 6 days! Once it’s done, all you have to do is spray the slow release capsule another time. It’s that easy. When you’re finished with smelling the perfume, just take the necklace off and you stop smelling of the scent—that’s something that you can’t do when you just spray on perfume. When you want to smell great again, just put the necklace back on. With multiple SRC capsules, you can switch out your different fragrances to keep things fresh. You’ll never have to feel as if you aren’t smelling great.

Think of how amazing it would be to always smell like you just applied your fragrance. When you don’t know who you’ll run into—your friends, a date, that person you had the interview with—you always want to be at your best. FLO Perfume Jewelry lets you smell as if you just stepped out of the door. They’ll be stunned and so will you.

FLO Perfume Jewelry makes a great gift for anyone who loves fragrance and looking good. FLO products have become a worldwide phenomenon that are sold in stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora, Debenhams, John Lewis, Avon, QVC and Douglas. But there’s no need for you to leave the house. You can find your FLO Perfume Jewelry exclusively online. Why wait to start smelling beautiful? Try FLO Perfume Jewelry.

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