7 Tips for Thicker Fuller Hair


These days many people are choosing organic, vegan and natural lifestyles. You can also choose to go chemical-free when addressing your cosmetic and health needs. There are several ways to get thicker, fuller hair without using chemicals.

1. No heat 

The less heat you expose your hair to, the better. Allow your hair to air-dry whenever possible. Direct heat applied to hair, such as in blow-drying, can damage hair and leave it without volume and vulnerable to breakage. A solution is to use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer, or simply get rid of it.

2. Vitamins

A quick blood test at the doctor’s office can tell whether there are any deficiencies in your blood. You can then compensate by eating more relevant foods and taking vitamin supplements that support healthy hair growth.

3. Healthy inside

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet will only increase the amount of vitamins and minerals your body can devote to hair and nails. Additionally, your hair will especially benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish and nuts. Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are packed with iron and vitamins A and C, which assist in oil production in the scalp.

4. Trimming ends

Remember, long hair simply means more dead hair. One way to renew your hair’s overall health is to chop it all off. This will eliminate a lot of the older, dead hair that you see and give a chance for newer, healthier hair to grow and become visible. You should be sure to trim the end of your hair and eliminate split ends at least once every four months – this will prevent breakage, which causes hair to look less full and dense.

5. Hydrate

Water is an essential element in the body. The more you drink, the more you exchange, all the while eliminating toxins from the body. Eliminate sugary drinks from your diet and start drinking more water.

6. Daily Conditioning

Hair-moisturizing oil or conditioning masks can prove beneficial to your hair’s overall look. Apply as often as possible, even every day.

7. Minimal manipulation

On average, hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. Styling, tying and using products on your hair can cause more of it to break or fall out. Try to touch and manipulate your hair as little as possible, thus minimizing potential fallout. Wear it tied up with minimal styling or try a “protective” style like a twist, braid, or weave while your hair grows, which will keep the end of your hair covered and protected.