4 Tricks to Avoid Belly Bloat 


colon-1238x576Most women can attest that sometimes, even if we’ve been really good, our stomach can feel and look bloated. A lot of women resort to fad cleanse and detox regimens that promise to de-bloat your tum – but at what cost?! Instead of putting yourself through dangerous and grueling hoops, there are a few tricks that you can use to avoid bloating:

1. Mindfulness

Try to focus on eating while you’re doing it. Avoid eating while watching TV or having a conversation. Instead, focus on the act of eating, making sure to chew each bite you take very well – smaller pieces of food in the stomach means less exertion and bloating.


On days you’d like to avoid a bloated belly, stay away from foods that are either extremely hot or cold. Foods at extreme temperatures cause us to chew less.

3. Chew

This bears repeating: chew your food very well, as much as possible. The less stress you put on your stomach during digestion, the less bloating you’ll feel and see.

4. Keep it small

Often when people eat while distracted, they wind up taking massive bites of food. This leads to swallowing before it’s chewed well. Part of a new focus on food should involve consciously taking smaller bites.